23 years of ozone episodes in Portugal: Photochemical and/or stratospheric intrusión?


  • M.P. Silva
  • T. Fontes
  • N. Barros
  • A.C. Carvalho


In Portugal the air quality network has been collecting data since 1988. These data are usually used to analyse the conformity with legislation; however, long time series analysis’s and STE identification are unusual. In order to fulfil this gap in the scope of the STRATOZON Project (2002-2004) some possible events of stratospheric intrusión of tropospheric ozone over Portugal were identified and evaluated [1, 2, 7]. Following this study and in the scope of the DYNOZONE Project (2010-2013) the importance of the STE on some ozone episodes is under investigation. The preliminary results will be present in this poster.


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