Rainfall characteristics in León in 2016 and 2017


  • Carlos del Blanco Alegre
  • Fernanda Oduber
  • Ana Isabel Calvo Gordaliza
  • Amaya Castro
  • Adrían Martínez-Fernández
  • Samuel Sainz-Villegas
  • Roberto Fraile Laiz


Nowadays, air pollution is one of the principal risk to human health and rain is the main sink of aerosol particles in the atmosphere, since it is the main process to mitigate pollution. Furthermore, the study of rainfall characteristics is crucial because it can provide information about present and future risks in an area, related to rain amount or intensity. In order to know the characteristics of the precipitation in the city of León, rain was sampled during 2016 and 2017 using a Laser Precipitation Monitor (LPM) of Thies Clima which registered drops between 0.125 and 8 mm in 22 channels. Furthermore, a Circulation Weather Types (CWTs) classification was carried out based on Lamb (1972), to identify the weather type related to a peculiar synoptic situation in days with rain. Focusing on rain characteristics in the city of León, 3.23·109 drops m-2 have fallen in 2016 with a mean size of 0.36±0.20 mm and 1.06·109 drops m-2 in 2017 with a mean size of 0.35±0.19 mm. The rain characteristic according to Lamb Weather Types during rain events will be analyzed.

Biografía del autor/a

Carlos del Blanco Alegre

Soy estudiante de doctorado en el Departamento de Química y Física Aplicadas de la Universidad de León. Mi tesis doctoral trata sobre la relación existente entre las gotas de lluvia y las partículas de aerosol atmosférico.


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