Aerosol concentration at two heights (2550 and 650 M ASL) in SE Spain

Pedro José Gómez Cascales, José Antonio García Orza, María Ángeles Ferro García, Víctor Manuel Expósito Suárez, Abel Milena Pérez, Bruna Raquel Martínez Martínez, Essaid Chham, Francisco Piñero García, Juan Andrés Casquero Vera, Alberto Cazorla, Lucas Alados Arboledas, Francisco José Olmo Reyes, Erika Brattich, Laura Tositti, Antonia Camacho, Miguel Ángel Hernández Ceballos, Nadege Martiny


The simultaneous aerosol sampling at two heights in southern Spain may provide valuable information on the vertical structure of the dust transport from North Africa to the Iberian Peninsula. It also allows the characterization of the ambient air at two sites with distinct anthropogenic impact. This work presents the results obtained from the first field campaign of the FRESA project (Impact of dust-laden African air masses and of stratospheric air masses in the Iberian Peninsula. Role of the Atlas Mountains), performed in the period July-November 2017 at El Albergue Universitario in Sierra Nevada (2550 m a.s.l.) and the city of Granada (650 m a.s.l.). The two sites were instrumented with a low-volume sampler with PM10 inlet for daily sampling and mass and chemical composition characterization, a high-volume sampler for total suspended particles (TSP) for weekly sampling and radionuclide activity determination, and with a GRIMM 365 optical particle counter that provides continuously the aerosol size distribution.

Palabras clave

meteorology; aerosol; concentration; spain, dust; pollution

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